Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hello 2014

New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday (if it's even considered a holiday). I love the whole spirit surrounding that day even more than the spirit of Christmas. In my family, New Year's Eve/Day is the big winter holiday. Russian people don't really celebrate Christmas on December 25th so NYE is the big hoorah. Santa (or Father Frost as he is referred to) comes and we open presents and have a big party and it's a blast. Since I come from a different culture it's fun to compare what Americans do for the New Year versus what Russian's do and I think resolutions is just an American think. My parent's have never once been like "OK. Time to sit down and brainstorm all the ways we are gonna be different next year". No. That just doesn't happen. So I think that this whole New Year, New Me nonsense is just in the U.S. although I might/probably am wrong. I think that the New Year is a symbol for change and that is why everyone is so quick to change. It's basically an excuse to completely change your personality over night. I think resolutions are cool and all and no matter how many times I have said, I'm gonna exercise or I'm gonna do my homework right away, it never happens. The people who can write and stick to resolutions? Kudos to them. I'm super jealous but I'm not one of those people. But basically, I think the whole idea of re-inventing yourself is cool and all but I doubt that many people follow through. 


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